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Anonymous: How do you think she would style oversized tees?

Boyfriend jeans or black skinny jeans with low converse and a beanie xx

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Anonymous: I'm going to 2 The 1975 concerts in may and I don't know what to wear. It's going to be in may so like 80-90 degrees F could you please help me with outfit ideas?! Thank you! Xx.

Hmm, maybe try a cropped roller sleeve tee with black high rise cut off shorts, a tinted lip, messy/curly hair, any jewelry you want on personal choice and sandals or converse? xxdani

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Anonymous: HEEEELP! I have 3 different events I'm going to in one day this Saturday and I don't know what to wear to any of them! 1.) is a baby shower for a friend and I was thinking something floral and girly then 2.) is an 80s themed birthday party and the last one 3.) is I'm going out with some friends that night so I was thinking a sexy dress or crop top and skirt. Pleeeease help me with some outfit ideas! Thank you SO much! :)

1.) floral shift dress, gold sandals and a satchel

2.) I’m terrible at 80’s and inspired/themed parties haha, if any followers could send in some help?

3.) Crop top, high rise shorts, wedges

I can try to link some things if you need?

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Anonymous: How would you dress the white Zara skort up for warmer weather? Thank you for your help! Xx.

- White Zara skort, striped crop top and sandals

- Black tee, gold sandals

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Anonymous: I'm going out with my friends on Friday its going to be warm and I want to look sexy but not make it slutty. Could you help me with some outfit ideas? Thank you! Xx.

Wear a cropped stripe tee, black high rise jeans, strappy sandals and whatever jewelry you want!x

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Anonymous: Hi Eleanor how are you I give a some thing for you I know your things bra size 33B dress 6 shoe 6 thank you Eleanor you best

We’re not Eleanor, but..sure.

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Anonymous: Hey I read your faq but I just wanted to double check that el uses the 1" babyliss curling wand? Or is it 1 1/4" ?? Thanks!

1 x

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Anonymous: The dress eleanor wore to 'this is us' premiere do you know where it's from?☺️

It’s from Topshop but is unfortunately sold out. xx

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eleanor-mix: hey mind followin back and maybe follow back x

Following already x

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Anonymous: I'm seeing Lana in may! What do I wear?!?!!

Peter pan collar top with high rise shorts and converse xxdani

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Anonymous: Hiii! First i absolutely LOVE your page! Second i need help. I have a plain black skater skirt/circle skirt and i have no clue what to pair with it. Any ideas?

Crop tops and sandals! xx

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Anonymous: I'm going to San Diego for three day for school. There'll be a lot of walking and some On the beach it's also casual. What should I wear for those days?

1. Leggings, converse, v-neck and a knit cardigan

2. Ripped skinny jeans, light weight button down and flats

3. High rise jeans, flats an a crop top


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Anonymous: what would el wear with a denim jacket? x

Depend on the jacket and how it’s styled xxdani

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Anonymous: Thanks for running his blog like u have helped me get ready so many times with this blog ily. 😘😘 xx

Aww no problem babes! Ily2! xxdani

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Anonymous: Could you do 4 inspired outfits for when I'm in chicago this summer ? Thank you so so much :))

Once it gets to spring I’m going to spam out a bunch of summery/springy inspired looks resend this in then! x

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