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Eleanor’s belly piercing back in 2011 


Eleanor’s belly piercing back in 2011 

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eleanor / (el-ə-nawr) / (english) 
meaning: shining light; the bright one.
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Eleanor Calder Alphabet: Alana Schmeling

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Anonymous: What should I wear with really light beige skinny jeans? Xx

white crop top and black cons xxdani

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Anonymous: What do I wear to an amusement park with my highschool? Love you so so so much! Xxx

Ripped skinny jeans with cons and a tee. xxdani

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Anonymous: Hey I was wondering what I should wear with a darkish grey muscle tank?

Black skinny jeans and sandals! xxdani

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Anonymous: Hi idk if this has been asked before but where is gabi? Did anything happen? :(

Gabi is here and she’s perfectly fine, but with side blogs, and school it’s hard to get on here as much as we used to! But she’s okay she comes on occasionally!

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thestylegurus: hi! do you mind telling your followers that I'm looking for a co-owner? I'm a new fashion blog, my last one got hacked and deleted. thanks! :)

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lunchladyfuji: hi! I was wondering if you knew where I could find so good black skinny jeans??? For a reasonable price? Like super skinny type. Thank you!!!xxxx

American Eagle if you want a reasonable price! xxdani

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Anonymous: I was wondering where Eleanor got that lovely white, cropped collared shirt when she was with Danielle ages ago. You said it was from Zara, I can't find it, would you be able to send me a link or something?

Submit the photo you are referring to? If it was ages ago it most likely isn’t available any longer for purchase. xdani

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Anonymous: Do you know if El has a back-up polyvore account?

No, because Eleanor doesn’t have a polyvore account. xxdani

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Anonymous: How do you think she would style oversized tees?

Boyfriend jeans or black skinny jeans with low converse and a beanie xx

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